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VAT & Corporate Tax Returns & Submission

Corporate tax return filing is a legal need for companies working in Sharjah. If the companies are unable to file tax returns on time, then they need to pay fines and penalties. If you also want to hire the best associate in UAE to file tax returns for your company, then Ibrahim Accounts and Tax Solutions LLC is best for you. We provide you with trusted VAT & Corporate Tax Returns & Submission services. We at Ibrahim Accounts and Tax Solutions LLC help you with corporate tax law and prepare the tax returns by FTA in a given time. Firstly, the corporate tax will be introduced in January 2022 by the Ministry of Finance in Sharjah, thus declaring the implementation in 2023 or by 2024.

The corporate tax returns incorporate the elements of best practices in international taxes that companies need to file on time. Every taxable person should register for corporate tax and get a tax registration number. If you also want to register your business to corporate tax, then we are a trusted partner for you. Our Corporate tax return filingconsultants in UAE assist you in filing corporate tax on time and save your business from paying penalties. Our team guide you at every step of corporate tax returns and submission, including tax compliance, tax liability, or other activities like registration, return fillings, refunds, etc.

What is Corporate Tax Return Filing in UAE?

Corporate tax return filing in Sharjah, UAE, is a process of submitting a report to the tax authority that details the expenses and income of the specific company. The corporate tax return is filled by a taxable person for the tax period, mentioning the information about corporate tax payment and liability. Our experts at Ibrahim Accounts and Tax Solutions LLC ensure yourcorporate tax return filingat a specific time with the tax authority, as per corporate tax law.

In case any extra information or file is requested through the Authority, it must be submitted by the taxpayer to the tax authority. When you file the Corporate Tax Return, it must encompass data about the income and expenses of the corporation. The final result evaluates the tax amount at risk of being paid to the government.

These are the fundamental files you require when filing VAT & Corporate Tax Returns.

  • Financial data
  • Taxable earnings calculations display changes on the internet that bring about accounting.
  • Records and Plans for devaluation of tax
  • Information on transactions that involve household
  • Movement of Provisions

The tax specialists and specialists at BMS Auditing ensure the correct preparation of VAT & Corporate Tax Returns & Submission, shielding them from the chance of an audit, consequently making sure most tax claims are.

Is it Mandatory To File Corporate Tax Returns in UAE?

Yes, it is mandatory to document Corporate Tax returns in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) calls for organizations operating in the UAE to document tax returns and pay taxes on their taxable profits according to UAE tax laws. However, only 0% tax could be subjected for agencies with income much less.

The tax legal guidelines in UAE apply to both nearby and overseas companies operating, and failure to file VAT & Corporate Tax Returnsor pay taxes can result in consequences and fines. So, it is important for all taxpayers to file corporate tax returns on time.

How do you file corporate tax returns in the UAE?

You can file Corporate Tax Returns online through the EmaraTax portal. Currently, the FTA approves the pre-registration of corporate tax for selected entities. If you are one, you can register for corporate tax in EmaraTax. Have not created an account on EmaraTax? Here’s a guide to log in and register into EmaraTax. EmaraTax merged with the UAE Central Bank and UAE PASS to reorganize the user experience.

Procedure of Corporate Tax Return Filing in UAE

Here is the process of filling corporate tax returns,

Tax registration

Obtain a tax registration No from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) by using submitting the desired documents and information.

Record keeping

Maintain the right records of all monetary transactions and tax-associated files according to UAE tax laws.

Payment of tax

Pay the tax liability as per the tax go back filed on or earlier than the due date.

Filing of tax go back

Submit the VAT & Corporate Tax Returns & Submissionto the FTA via their online platform, e-Services, on or before the due date.

Preparation of tax go back

Calculate taxable earnings and prepare a tax return based on the information maintained, thinking of tax deductions and exemptions as according to UAE tax laws.

Tax audit

In case of a tax audit, the FTA may additionally request extra records or files to verify the accuracy of the tax return filed. We allow you to calculate and devise your tax liability for Corporate tax and help you in the course of the UAE Corporate tax go-back submitting procedure.

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